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AED Purchase Price: based on current market price.
Long Term Cost of Ownership: replacement cost for electrode pads and batteries.
Durability: dust resistance, water resistance, drop tolerance, etc.
Weight / Size: lightweight, low profile.
Warranty: duration of manufacturer's warranty.
Visual Prompts: LCD screen, text prompts, status lights, pictograms, etc.
CPR Feedback & Coaching: voice instructions during CPR, confirmation of effective CPR compressions, etc.
Pediatric Capability: ability to use on children 8 years or younger.
Absence of Shock Button: Most AEDs require the rescuer to press a button to delivery the shock; however, some AEDs are available in a "fully-automatic" version.
Training Conversion: ability to use AED as a training device, separate trainer available, etc.
Ease of Software Upgrades: ability to adapt to future CPR/AED guidelines.
ECG/EKG display and monitoring: advanced options such as ECG/EKG waveform display, 3 lead monitoring, etc.
Manual Override: ability to manually initiate a shock based on ECG rhythm, usually preferred by medical professionals.
Audio Recording: ability to record the rescuer's voice or other audio during AED use.
Aviation Use: FAA compliance for use on aircraft.

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